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Bring us up to speed on  How did you acquire the name Don Dada???  It's actually spelled Dun instead of Don .Let me give you the short version. I was looking for a unique name and took the word Dun from a up north slang word cause I knew if I spelled it Don everyone one would use that name and Dada came from me being a ladies man. Lol 


*What inspired you to begin deejaying? Well with me being a music producer, I always felt I could be a DJ , cause all I felt djing was, was just producing on the fly. So I took up the craft.


What artist have you produced for? I did a the "Enough Said" record from Vandam Bodyslam ft IceBerg and Aych " Don't Stop Grindin"  got some other things in the works also.


*who inspires you musically?  Oh man that's a good question. I would say heart felt music something that I hear that touches my soul or gets me amped is what inspires me.


*How long have you been deejaying?  I've been djing for about 10yrs now. 


*Where did you first begin deejaying? I first begin djing in a club, went to the club on Friday and Saturday's paid to get in and ran around and was the djs do boy and swept the floors after the club. Did that for about 3 months. Then Dady Phatts from X102.3 asked what the hell was I doing? I mean I would have said the same thing. I told him I wanted to be a DJ. He said I reminded him of how he was when he started djing. So he took me under his wing and started teaching me the art form 


How was the experience? My first time djing in the club was a disaster lol. I thought I knew what I was doing the club owner came to Phatts and told him don't he ever let me DJ again.The crowd was like get him off the set, but it was a very humbling experience. 


  *What stations are you currently mixing and what times are you on air? I mix on X102.3 in west palm beach Mon - Fri from 5pm to 6pm for the 5 O'Clock Heat. And I'm  an on air personality from Saturday into Sunday 12am to 6am  and mix for live events for Wrmf 97.9(top 40), WIRK 103.1 (country) and X102.3 


*Any New Projects coming in the near future? Yeah I have my Bloc Buster Hits and Kama Sutra series I will be releasing some more  volumes this year.


*With all the controversy happening in Ferguson, what words of wisdom do you have to share with the urban community. We need to come together not just when it's a white and black issue but also fight and march about the black on black crime also. It was wrong and a horrible situation that happened in Ferguson and New York. But situations like these hopefully bring us together and focused on change. 


*Any acknowledgments??  Shouts to my brothers Dady Phatts, Dj Muhnee, Dj Chevy, Lnyce, Dj Sonny, Dreadrock Ent , Morris Young, DNP Films, Dj D.A. , FuturestarDjs StreetConnectDjs, Dj Black Holiday , Dj One Way , Black, E, Joe Hound, Yung Ladd, Tosh Alexander, B.Stan, Dj Meat, Dj Nasty305, Dj Nailz, Ace , Ace Mag, Big Severe  , Reggie Dee, Dj Samore , DJ Chris J, Vandam Bodyslam , PCC, Coffee Bean family, Eric Biddiness , Blaine , Mr.185 , Chedda,Aych,  the Street Runnerz fam , Bali, my fans and fam for their support.If I forgot anyone count it to the head not the heart. 


*How can you be contacted you? Mixtape Hosting, Mixtapes, Music Consulting 





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