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Tyesha Talks


“Homosexuality & The Black MaleIn today’s society many young men are stepping out of the closet embracing their 

transgender / homosexuality generic genes of being a feminine woman via social media. Many beat their faces with makeup and rock the hottest bundles of weave as they cover up their bodies under silky dresses standing tall in heels. 



Bring us up to speed on  How did you acquire the name Don Dada???  It's actually spelled Dun instead of Don .Let me give you the short version. I was looking for a unique name and took the word Dun from a up north slang word cause I knew if I spelled it Don everyone one would use that name and Dada came from me being a ladies man. Lol  



ACE: How did you get the name Swazy Styles, what’s the meaning behind it?   I was always smooth with the ladies and always had something  fly to say .. So my Homies game me The Name Swazy.  


ACE: Where are you born and raised? I was born in the Bronx NY. However i spent half of my life here in fla  




ACE: How did you get in the promotions business? I was always known growing up. I was a local star playing football at Miami Northwestern where i threw several block parties that bought the whole city out. Once I was sidelined from Injury in college that ended my dreams of playing in the NFL, i came home and threw a bday party at a club called Passion currently known as 

Spotlight and bought the whole city out. From there the owner asked me to become a promoter and promote every Friday. And that was the beginning of this journey.



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