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ACE: How did you get the name Swazy Styles, what’s the meaning behind it?   I was always smooth with the ladies and always had something  fly to say .. So my Homies game me The Name Swazy.  


ACE: Where are you born and raised? I was born in the Bronx NY. However i spent half of my life here in fla  


ACE: How hard was it trying to get in the Music Industry in the Bromx, NY? When i was in the Bronx it was more a a hobby to battle other MC'S. I really didn't take it serious until i moved to Miami. 


ACE: What is the name of your single or album you have in the streets right now? Right Now we have been pushing Standin On Couches which is currently impacting radio On 99 jamz. this record has been Cosigned by DJ NASTY.  I also just released my new single Titled" Commin On Up " I'm very excited about this Joint cause its the jeffersons theme Song and the vibe is just amazing and the message is very positive. we Plan on going hard with this joint at the top of 1st Quarter 


ACE: What should the streets expect to hear from your new album? As far as an album. I don't believe a new artist should drop an album untill there is a major budget to promote. As an independent artist its hard enough to fund a singe... However I recently dropped a new mixtape titled Triple Threat Hosted by Dj Magik  and it is available on     


ACE: Who inspired you to become a rapper? When i was younger i would have dreams that i was performing in front on thousands of people. i would wake up with theses dope lyrics in my head and i would just go back to sleep. Until i discovered i really got talent. so i guess my dreams inspired me.   


ACE: What's in the future for Swazy Styles? Nothing but greatness i see walking across that stage accepting my Grammy 



ACE: Any Shout Outs? Shout out tHE WHOLE Triple R records, Dj Nasty Dj Magik, Dj Tito V , Dj Ace , Dj Efeezy, dj Epps , Triple r Divas and all the haters lol of Course Shout out  ACE MAG.  my family friends and fans. Big up to mY management team. And my only true love mY sON julian   Follow me on social media @swazystyles and check out my site

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