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LIFE AND STYLE MAG Claims . . . That Drake And Rihanna Are Getting Married In BARBADOS . . . They Go

September 20, 2016: The US Magazine Life & Style is claiming that they have got word that Rihanna and Drake are planning to get married. The mag reports, “they’ve been talking about marriage for a while, and Rihanna has been gushing about becoming ‘Mrs. Graham.”

That is according to an insider who has been speaking with Life and Style Magazine.

Rihanna even wants to become a mom as soon as possible. Yeah, you read that right. Bad girl Riri wants a baby of her own soon, if reports are to be believed.

“Rihanna really has the mommy urge, and Drake is completely on board with the idea, they’ve talked about how cute their kids would be. They know they’ll be forever linked if they have a child, and they are ok with that.

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